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1. Mr Thomas PHILP was born about 1773.1,2 [[[Birth note: source, daughter's birth record and son's Marriage document][Possible Marriage in 1801. IGI have possible Baptism on 15 Aug 1773 in Stoke Damerel (Parents, Thomas and Mary) but others in this area. Note: a possible Brother to this Thomas, if ours, is a John Kemp Philp. See possible daughter of our Thomas, Mary Ann Rose Kemp Philp. (IGI LDS entry has a Thomas Philp marry a Mary Kemp in Cornwall in 1768. Note IGI Batch No. Devon has several Kemp) BIG PINCH OF SALT ][1841 Bor of Marylebone, Par of St Pancras, aged 68 Not Born in County (not rounded - unusual, therefore bc 1773]]]
(On Genuki C found a site that an OPC had put up. She contacted him and we have some of Stoke Damerel Baptisms and Burials.
These include Baptism of RHR P and a Frederick who died. We think the Frederick we found in Wales in 1851 is the brother of RHR P. See RHR P Birth notes) About 5 Aug 1813 he was a Bookbinder.3 [Occupation note: from Baptism of son Charles M in 1813] About 6 Dec 1813 he was a Stationer.3 [Occupation note: from Baptism of daughter Charlotte in 1813] About 11 Jan 1815 he was a Printer.3 [Occupation note: from Baptism of son Richard in 1815] About 1841 he was a Printer.1 [Occupation note: source, on Richard, son, Marriage document]. He lived in St Pancras, Wakefield St about 1841.4 [Resided at note: 1841 also with Eliza aged 19 not BiC and Mary 17 Bic] He died between 1841 and 1851. [Death note: could not find on 1851 census in any spelling. Query as Phillips Jun q 1847 St Pancras 1 241? This cert sent for Nov 2006 (NOT OURS a lad of 11m old)] TO EDIT for Thomas Philp entry ex RHRP
[UPDATE. A long road but at last we have found him!! Philp family has a tradition that they came from Wales. A family business card of a Frederick Philp is given as Innkeeper in a small place near Haverfordwest. We found one on 1851 Wales census in Cartlett, Haverfordwest: aged 35 as an Innkeeper born in Plymouth. (Therefore b c 1816) We found him aged 45 on 1861 Wales, born Devon. On 1871 in England aged 55 as a gilder: note same wife as 1861, so same person, but born in Devonport. We found a FBMD marriage possibility and sent off for certificate to see if his father was Thomas (Printer) and therefore probably a brother of RHRP. In the meantime Christine went into Genuki and found a reference to a site where someone had transcribed some Stoke Damerel BapMarrBur's because they are nowhere else on web. She requested data and incredibly found several children of a Thomas (Bookbinder, Printer or Stationer) and Mary Philp, including a Frederick Bozon, but too old (born 1810) and also found RHRP!! We then found that Frederick was buried soon after. Therefore Innkeeper in Wales probably a later son. We found a daughter with a middle name Wilkins and then a possible marriage of a Mary Wilkins to a Thomas Philp on IGI on 16 Feb 1801. Entry is as Transcribed (we need to see original) Baptised 11 Jan 1815 (Father living in the Dock (later called Devenport) area working as a Printer. He could have been born years earlier as several siblings baptised when 4 or more. (We may be able to find him on 1841 with a bit of luck, but will not give birthplace or proper age) (Found on 1841 St Pancras aged 68 NBiC with Eliza 19 NBic and Mary 17 YBiC)]]

Mr Thomas PHILP and Miss Mary WILKINS were married on 16 Feb 1801 in Stoke Damerel query.5,6 [[[Marriage note: Parents of RHRP found on Christening record of his (supposed by us) sisters, and who also appear to be witnesses at his marriage][IGI ref 0916924 This Mary could be a possible wife][cf Baptisms Stoke Damerel, Charlotte Wilkins Philp Bap 1813 (born 1808 - odd?)] (Apr 2007 C found at Devon RO 16 Feb 1801 Thomas Philp otP Printer and Book Binder and Mary Wilkins otP Spinster by Banns by John Hawker Curate. Witnesses: ? a letter Dannogras ??? and Elizabeth Wilkins (very feint))]]] Mr Thomas PHILP and Miss Mary WILKINS had the following children:



Miss Betsy/Elizabeth PHILP was born on 26 Apr 1802.7 [Birth note: from Stoke Damerel baptism record] She was baptized on 22 Jun 1802 in Stoke Damerel.8



Mr John Patrick Mullins PHILP.



Mr Thomas Wells PHILP was born on 18 Apr 1805. [Birth note: from Baptism record] He was baptized on 26 Jun 1805 in Stoke Damerel.9 [Baptism note: from OPC]



Miss Charlotte Wilkins PHILP was born on 30 Mar 1808. [Birth note: Baptism record] She was baptized on 6 Dec 1813 in Stoke Damerel.10 [Baptism note: from OPC]



Mr Frederick Bozon PHILP was born on 26 Dec 1810. [[Birth note: from Baptism record][Frederick the Innkeeper must have been born about 1816 after this one had died in 1814]] He was baptized on 30 Dec 1812 in Stoke Damerel.11 [Baptism note: from OPC] He was buried on 15 Aug 1814 in Stoke Damerel.12 [Burial note: aged 3yr 7mo from OPC]



Mr Edwin Hooper PHILP was born on 11 Jul 1812. Birth note: from Baptism record] He was baptized on 30 Dec 1812 in Stoke Damerel.11 He was buried on 10 May 1814 in Stoke Damerel.13 [Burial note: aged 1yr 10mo from OPC]



Mr Charles Mawdesley PHILP.



Mr Richard Hooper Ross PHILP.



Mr Frederick PHILP.



Miss Eliza Julia PHILP.



Miss Mary Ann Rose Kemp PHILP.