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1. Mr John LOTHIAN was born before 1802. [[Birth note: Marr 1818][1841 S census bc 1801. Query too young therefore not ours?]]

Mr John LOTHIAN and Miss Isabella ELDER were married on 15 Dec 1818 in Edinburgh in St. Cuthbert Church.1 [Marriage note: IGI, St Cuthbert, Edinburgh, as Isobella ref 1066758] Miss Isabella ELDER (daughter of Mr William ELDER and Miss Agnes ALEXANDER) was born before 17 Feb 1798. [Birth note: Chr 17 Feb 1798]
Query 1841 S census John Lothian bc 1801 and Isabella bc 1806.
Also Isabella bc 1829 ?????? I have Chr 1798. Cannot find one born circa this. She would have married at 12!!! Therefore not our family? or she did not know birth? Or lied?
I cannot find her parents on 1841 S. She was christened on 17 Feb 1798 in Edinburgh in St. Cuthbert Church.2 [Christening note: IGI. We searched for Isabella Elder and found two Christened in St. Cuthbert: one in 1794 (parents Andrew and Isobella (Blellock)), and other in 1798 (parents William and Agnes (Alexander)). We next searched for children of John Lothian and Isabella Elder and found a family from St. Cuthbert, but with mother as Isabel. First child was Agnes, third Isabella (born 1828), fourth John Alexander and fifth Alexa. We think William and Agnes (Alexander) were therefore the parents of "our" Isabella Elder] Mr John LOTHIAN and Miss Isabella ELDER had the following children:



Miss Agnes LOTHIAN was born about 1819 in Edinburgh. She was christened on 25 Nov 1819 in Edinburgh in St. Cuthbert Church.3 [Christening note: IGI]



Miss Margaret Robertson LOTHIAN was born about 15 Jan 1821 in Edinburgh in St. Cuthbert Church.4 [Birth note: IGI: query Christening]



Miss Isabella LOTHIAN.



Mr John Alexander LOTHIAN was born about 27 Oct 1828 in Edinburgh in St. Cuthbert Church.5 [Birth note: IGI, possibly Christening]



Miss Alexa LOTHIAN was born about 17 Jul 1833 in Edinburgh in St. Cuthbert Church.6 [Birth note: IGI, possibly Christening]