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There are discrepancies in ages between censuses: and documents relating to the same person have different names and ages.

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Acknowledgement to Christine Croker for her research.

Data from our family records, GRO, FreeBMD, various LDS, IGI sites, Various censuses.
Photographs and Documents in this and other web pages.
Acknowledgements to Timothy Croker for design and showing me how to edit:
to the following for photographs and documents: (and valuable data)
Dr Charles H Hoy; Marybeth Brown; Jacqueline Price; Gordon and Helen Goddard; Frank and Ena Croker; Presbyterian and URC History Societies; Claude & Betty Croker; Susan Roberts; Marjorie Cooper; Anna Arrol; Ian Hastie; staff of Local Studies and Central Libraries in Paisley; The Sma' Shot Cottages Heritage Centre, Paisley; and The Mitchell Library, Glasgow; (anyone else?)

Richard and Christine's Ancestors:- Croker and Goddard Ancestors.

Richard and Christine's Family History (18th and 19th centuries):- Family History. (and a family photograph)

Names of some of our ancestors you may visit below:-
Goddard, Perry, Dafter (Acford), Philp, Booth, Davey, Miller, Gardiner, Desmond, Kneutgen, Somnitz (Warnbach, Klein), Taff (Willkomsfeld), Walker, Martin, Grainger, Elder, Lothian,:
Croker, Collings, Harper, Ball (Webster), George, Gill (Cole), Randell, Grix (Camac), Reid (Adam), Hoy, Heatley, Whyte (Waterston), Hudson, Warr, Evershed (Gotcher), Willcox, Davies:

(For access to Photographs and Documents please use page above. There is an old link from within the family descendants pages below. Hopefully I can correct it soon. Sorry about this.)
It should now be possible to access images and documents from within each ancestor report.

Descendants of William BALL (query born approx. 1800) (m Elizabeth WEBSTER)
(Father of Henry Edward b c 1843 Ickenham.)
Descendants of William BALL.

Descendants of William BOOTH (query born approx. 1795) (m Sarah)
(Father of Caroline b 1817 Bermondsay, who married Philp)
Descendants of William BOOTH.

Descendants of George Shepherd COLLINGS (born before 1798 (Bristol area?))
(Father of George Sheperd Collings b c 1814 Bristol.)
Descendants of George Shepherd COLLINGS.

Descendants of John CROKER (husband of Ann) (Father of James b c 1824 Leeds)
Descendants of John CROKER.

Descendants of John DAFTER (born about 1807 Wiltshire)
(Married Johanna Acford born about 1811 Bideford)
(father of John Henry Acford b 1841 in Wales, and who married Emma Martin 1860 Bristol)
Descendants of John DAFTER.

Descendants of Thomas DAVEY (query born approx. 1790)
(father of Joseph b 1813 Rotherhythe, who married Susannah Miller 1843 London)
Descendants of Thomas DAVEY.

Descendants of Henry DAVIES (born before 1831) (father of Maria b c 1847 in Mershton? Wales, who married Ball)
Descendants of Henry DAVIES.

Descendants of William DESMOND (father of Ellen b c 1832 in Ireland, who married Gardiner 1854 London)
Descendants of William DESMOND.

Descendants of William ELDER (born before 1780) (m Agnes Alexander 1797 Edinburgh
(father of Isabella who married Lothian 1818 Edinburgh)
Descendants of William ELDER.

Descendants of Richard EVERSHED (query born approx. 1763) (m Elizabeth Etheridge)
(father of Charlotte b 1799, who married Gotcher)
Descendants of Richard EVERSHED.

Descendants of James GARDINER
(father of James (Adolphus) GARDINER (born 1825 Southwark (London) who married (1854 in St Olave's, London) Ellen Desmond (born in S. Ireland))
Descendants of James GARDINER.

Descendants of Harry Gilbert GEORGE d prior 1926, (m Monica)
(father of William Frederick George b 1900, who married Ruby Eileen Ball)
Descendants of Harry Gilbert GEORGE.

Descendants of Alfred Thomas GILL (m Henrietta Cole)
(father of Alfred Thomas b 1870 Bristol)
Descendants of Alfred Thomas GILL.

Descendants of John GODDARD (b c 1836 Reading ?) (m Ann b c 1841, in Reading or London?)
(father of George b c 1866)
Descendants of John GODDARD.

Descendants of Robert GRAINGER (born about 1827 in Scotland) ( m Isabella Lothian c 1828 in Edinburgh)
(father of Agnes Emma who married Walker)
Descendants of GRAINGER.

Descendants of John GRIX (query born approx. 1810)
(Father of Robert b c 1832 Aylesham Norfolk, who married Evershed 1855)
Descendants of John GRIX.

Descendants of John HARPER (query born before. 1800)
(Father of Hannah (born before 1820 in Bristol area?), who married COLLINGS)
Descendants of John HARPER.

Descendants of James HEATLEY (query born approx. 1750)
(Hoy descendants of James Heatley and his daughter Rachel Heatley/Le(a)rmont?.
To be confirmed.)

Descendants of John HOY (query born approx. 1750)
Father of William d c 1831
Descendants of John HOY. To be confirmed.

For a history of name Hoy and current research, please visit:- HOY Name and Research.

Descendants of George HUDSON (query born approx. 1780) (father of Hugh who was father of Barbara who married Reid)
Descendants of George HUDSON.

Descendants of Johann Adolph KNEUTGEN (married 14 April 1836 Anna Helena LUETZ)
Descendants of Johann Adolph KNEUTGEN.

Descendants of John LOTHIAN (m Isabella Elder c 1818 Edinburgh )
(father of Isabella who married Grainger c 1846 Edinburgh)
Descendants of John LOTHIAN.

Descendants of Prior MARTIN (born about 1821 in Wellington) (married Cecilia Bailey, born about 1816 in Wivelscombe)
(father of Emma who married Dafter)
Descendants of Prior MARTIN.

Descendants of John MILLER (query born approx. 1800) (father of Susannah who married Joseph Davey 1843 London)
Descendants of John MILLER.

Descendants of Elizabeth PERRY] (query born approx. 1845)
(Mother of Frederick Henry b c 1864 London, who married Emma Cecilia Dafter 1887 Islington)
Descendants of Elizabeth PERRY].

Descendants of Thomas PHILP (query born approx. 1800. m Mary)
(Father of Richard Hooper Ross who married Caroline Booth 1841)
Descendants of Thomas PHILP.

Descendants of "Aminda" RANDELL (born about 1797 in Bristol) (husband of Frances)
(Father of George born C 1850 in Bristol and married Willcox c 1870)
Descendants of RANDELL.

Descendants of Fulton REID (born about 1752 Paisley) (husband of Janet Adam)
(father of Dr. John Reid MD. b 1779 in Paisley who married Whyte)
Descendants of Fulton REID.

Descendants of Andreas SOMNITZ (married Maria Katerina WARNBACH)
(father of Johann Georg Somnitz b 1838 Neuwied, and m Adelheide Klein)
Descendants of Andreas SOMNITZ.

Descendants of Heinrich TAFF (married 20 February 1827 Elizabeth WILLKOMSFELD)
Descendants of Heinrich TAFF.

Descendants of John WALKER (query born approx. 1808 Bethnal Green)
(father of William WALKER (query born approx. 1848 Shoreditch), who married Grainger)
Descendants of William WALKER.

Descendants of James WARR (query born approx. 1794 Bristol)
(Father of Charlotte b c 1825 Redcliffe Bristol)
Descendants of James WARR.

Descendants of Andrew WHYTE (query born approx. 1760) (husband of Margaret Waterston)
(father of Marion Whyte Chr 1779 Paisley, who married Reid)
Descendants of Andrew WHYTE.

Descendants of Thomas WILLCOX (query born before 1832)
(father of Mary Augusta born c 1848 Bradford on Avon)
Descendants of Thomas WILLCOX.


Abbreviations used mainly in Family History page:-
a: about. (In other pages a: after date)
b: born. (In other pages b: before date)
bm: baptism. (In images)
c: christened, baptised. (In other pages c: circa/about/approx. date)
m: married.
d: died.
TBC: To be confirmed as our ancestor
ka: known as. ..... aka: also known as.
e.g.: for example. ..... vv: vice versa
cf: Croker father side. ..... cm: Croker mother side.
gf: Goddard father side. ..... gm: Goddard mother side.
D of: daughter of. ..... S of: son of.
C1: child one of.
h of QW: husband of QW Surname.
w of ZX: wife of ZX Surname.
hissurname]: wife maiden name is unknown.
hersurname}: husband surname unknown.

Names may be spelled differently: e.g. LIDDELL / LIDDLE: LEARMONT / LA/ERMENT etc.
or incorrectly: e.g. GRISE for GRIX: DAVY (or even LACEY!) for DAVEY etc.

Dates of Occupations are as at source date: e.g. as on Marriage document or childs Birth document.

County and London boundaries and definitions have changed since the 18th. and 19th. centuries.

Remember that mistakes are made and the data you collect from ANY web source, including family sites and links, or Census data, could contain errors: including this one!
We have found this out on several family members because we have source or copies of source documents.

Richard T Croker has just found a 3rd cousin via the Web and an email query: (a HOY)
and helped to correct a link in with another 19th century family (EVERSHED):
See their web pages at
Evershed Family. Go to The Eveshed Family, then Downloads.

I now have more 'cousins' found via the web, in New Zealand, Canada and United States. (Common ancestor name is HOY)

Arrol (NZ) site is at Arrol Family. Then go to My Database.

Brown (Canada) site is at :- Brown Family.

If you want to contact us, please email. Remove the REM before typing in the address in the to box.

email address: web.croker@ntlworldREM.com

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Several corrections and new data with new family names of ancestors.
Please do NOT copy any of this data onto other web pages available generally, which may be used by others because I cannot guarantee that all original sources are correct. There are discrepancies in ages between censuses and documents relating to the same person have different names.
If you want to use the data for your private use then please ask me to send a GED file.
28 Oct 01
I have discovered that some of this data has been "hand copied" onto Rootsweb and Ancestry? and errors crept in. I hope they can be corrected.
On this site I have discovered that I have been given wrong information on a few people and Sons and Husbands have been switched! I will correct.
C has more GRO references and has sent off for certificates. I will soon update site with year and quarter of events and later fully update from certificate copies. Keep looking.
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